Laying the Foundation

We understand that Christ did not want us to keep our light hidden under a bowl, he wants it to shine out into the world. We want our students to take that love that they have received and share it with the global community that they meet, shining God’s light around the world.

The students here at St. Joseph Catholic School are encouraged to grow and mature in all areas of their education, not just academics. To foster those areas, we have programming that includes activities such as band, knowledge bowl, and robotics, as well as sports programs such as volleyball, soccer, and baseball to name a few. Our students can shine their lights out into the world around them by participating in these types of community activities as well as in the classrooms.

Our students at St. Joseph Catholic School receive:

  • A faith-based education with classrooms based on the recent educational research.
  • A community that teaches Christian service, academic excellence, and spiritual growth.
  • A learning experience that integrates traditional classroom learning with hands-on, experiential learning.
  • An excellent education program that uses not only classroom teaching, but also incorporates individual learning specially geared for every student.
  • Committed teachers and staff who desire to help your children reach their highest potentials.
  • A caring environment that leads by example in areas of serving, giving, and living out our faith every day.

Our team at St. Joseph will walk alongside you, the parents, to partner in your child’s academic and social development. We’re in this together, and we’re better together.

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What is different at St. Joseph Catholic School?

We know each person is created in God’s image and we treat them like the miracles that are, with love, compassion, and kindness.

Serving others honors what we’ve been taught in the Gospels by following Jesus’ example of serving those around Him.

We believe that all we have is from God, and it’s our responsibility to share those gifts with others. Our students truly learn that it is greater to give than to receive.

The personal education your child deserves.

Developing young minds takes love and attention.

One of the ways we’re different than public schools is the time, attention, and love we can offer each child at St. Joseph Catholic School. Each of our grades have only one section, and our teaching staff are able to collaborate on transitions from grade to grade, to ensure each student’s success.

“I know I’m biased, but our staff really is the best. We care, I mean really care, about our kids here. We give hugs, we  know each other’s family, we support each other through the good and bad and we genuinely enjoy what we do.”
~Linda, St. Joseph Catholic School Administrative Assistant

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