Tuition and Financial Support

Each family has the responsibility and right to determine where and how they’ll use their financial gifts. We are all stewards of what God has given us. If a faith-based education is something you find worth the investment, we are here to help you plan out and budget for that expenditure. We want an education at our school to be financially available for all who desire it so we will work with you to see how to make that happen.

Your children will flourish and grow with the investment you are placing in their education, both academically and spiritually. Each student at St. Joseph Catholic School will take the lessons they learn here and use them throughout their lives.

  • Caring Deeply
  • Sharing Generously
  • Serving Willingly
  • Speaking Kindly

Financial Support

We believe that a Catholic education will set a foundation of faith, integrity, respect, love, and grace. To make it available to those who desire this for their children, there are three main financial contributors.

Our tuition model ensures that families contribute a fair, attainable amount to their child’s education. We also offer tuition subsidies for families who are not able to pay the full tuition dues.

The generous parishioners of our associated parish believe so strongly in St. Joseph Catholic School’s education experience, they give financially to allow students the opportunity to attend our school.

Throughout the year, we do fundraisers that get our families involved and also offer an opportunity to involve our community! We fundraise through service, raffle sales, and fun events. 

Amber Walling, SJCS Parent

Is it worth the cost?

Without a doubt, Saint Joseph Catholic School is WORTH IT! We are grateful to be part of a community where we build relationships with the teachers, faculty and staff of the school and with other parents in our daughter’s classroom. All of the teachers, faculty and staff know our daughter by name, and they know us by name, too. This solidifies, for me, the level of safety and security provided at SJCS. There is no other place we’d rather have our daughter!

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